Class 1: The Bible & it’s Story, OT Intro, & Genesis

This past week, I started the Bible Survey Class I mentioned earlier today. It’s a six-week class going through a theology and history of the Bible and its contents, with an emphasis on these facts helping to build up the spiritual life of Christians. It also goes into a lot of the historical development and issues behind the Bible, so it could also be of interest to non-Christians. You can follow the class on the class page above.

This Lecture Covers:

  • What is the Bible?
  • What is Revelation?
  • The History of Israel
  • The History of the Old Testament
  • Genesis: Contents, Background, and relevance to Christians

Download: [Audio] [Notes]


8 thoughts on “Class 1: The Bible & it’s Story, OT Intro, & Genesis

    • Yeah, you’re right. The fact that’s a big statement in the first place (and it is; and it was intentional) says more about how modern evangelicalism has twisted the Bible, more than it says something about the Bible itself.


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