Church Year Playlists

For years, I’ve been making Playlists for the seasons of the Christian Church Calendar. Here, you’ll find them all. I hope they help you engage the Church Year in a deeper and more meaningful way. Listen, share, and subscribe!

Current Church Season: Kingdomtide

According to the vast majority of the Church, we are still in Ordinary Time, but I have to come to really appreciate a lesser-known, and lesser-observed season called Kingdomtide. It ends of the liturgical year by reflecting on Christ as king of the world, his justice, and the new world he will bring at the end of all things. If you want to be on track with most Christians, though, the Ordinary Time playlists are below.

YouTube Music Playlist Here

Ordinary Time

In this longest Church Season, we integrate the rest of liturgical the year into our everyday lives. There are two playlists: hymns to worship and sing along, and spiritual songs to just enjoy and listen to.

Ordinary Time: Hymns

Ordinary Time: Spiritual Songs


In the darkness of winter, we wait for the light.


We joyfully celebrate that Christ has come!


Here, we meditate on Jesus’ early years, his earthly ministry, and the light which his life brought to us.


Sitting with the brokenness in and around us, we feel the evil that crucified our God.


A loud, joyous celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection conquering death and sin.


This playlist is inspired by the intimacy of God’s Spirit in us. It gets a little weird, but beautiful.


To end the Church year, reflect on Jesus’ Kingship, justice, and his Return at the end of all things.