Epiphany Playlist


From now until Lent, the Christian Church Calendar is in the season of Epiphany. This season is situated between the celebration of Christ’s birth and the preparation of his death. That being the case, this season celebrates all that happened between those events, both theologically and historically.

Theologically, this time focuses on the Incarnation, where Jesus, the light of God, breaks into the darkness of the world in human form, bringing dawn to a world in night. This season is filled with imagery of light breaking into darkness, sight breaking into blindness, and spiritual wakedness breaking into spiritual slumber.

Historically, this season is mostly associated with arrival of the Wise Men when Jesus was two or three. But as time has gone on, this season has been used to celebrate Jesus’ baptism and whole earthly life prior to that fateful passion week.

You will find many of these thoughts and images throughout this playlist. It has a narrative structure, moving from the Incarnation through human frailty and doubt and our cries for light to pierce the darkness. The next movement has Christ entering the world, the Magi visitation, and reflections on Christ’s life. The playlist ends with our response to that life (and a fun treat at the end).

Share this playlist as you like, and may it bless you this Epiphany season. You can find it both on Spotify and YouTube Music.

[image credit: cover photo used with permission of photographer and friend of the blogDavid Schrott]


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