Easter Honey Rum (Recipe)


  • 1 bottle of Gold Rum (or 12oz in a mason jar if you’re doing a half batch)
  • 200g/7oz of Honeycomb, crushed (or half that for the smaller batch)

Crush the honeycomb and add to container with rum. Let sit in a cool, dark place, “buried” for three days (get it?). Put the rum through a coffee filter or cheese cloth into its permanent container. Enjoy the heck out of it. It’s like candy.

* * * *

It’s Easter! He is risen indeed. Alleluia!

Easter is a season, not just a day, so your “official” Easter cocktail is coming in the next couple of days. But today, I’m posting the recipe for an ingredient for that cocktail: Easter Honey Rum.

You may have heard of “fat washing” liquors. It’s a fascinating process that yields interesting results. Using honeycomb is called “wax-washing” and after this, I am a huge fan.

The resulting rum is like a cocktail in a spirit. It has body and viscosity and a dominant floral sweetness that is still balanced. It’s almost like candy.

To me, this is a great Easter spirit. Bright, golden, sweet, yet strong. It is the old rum, but washed into something new and better.

Ingredient Notes

I used Bacardi Gold and it turned out really well. It is really cheap, high proof, and good flavor. I used this honeycomb and it was perfect. I had never had or used actual raw honeycomb for anything so I can’t vouch for other brands.

One quick note. Putting straight honey into this rum is not the same thing as using the honeycomb.

I tried so much of this stuff before taking pictures that I added more rum to the jar and put in some honey to make up for it. Don’t do this. It’s a different flavor and it makes the rum cloudy, even if you put it through a coffee filter. The picture above is reflective of this. Without that extra honey this rum is golden clear.

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