An Open Letter to Senator Pat Toomey, on the Occasion of the Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump

Senator Toomey,

I proudly voted for you in your first two terms to the Senate. I know you have a justified and well-earned reputation for being fair-minded and keeping the interests of the country first, even above the interests of your party.

I am concerned, however, that your silence about the impeachment proceedings these past few weeks may indicate that you will simply vote along the party line on votes that would do incredible damage to the structural and institutional integrity of our Constitutional process of holding the Executive accountable for its actions.

I do believe there is little doubt that President Trump has indeed done the things of which he has been accused. However, I am genuinely open to these actions either not warranting conviction and removal, or that we ought to wait until the next election to let the American people decide Mr. Trump’s place in our government.

But in order for the American people to make that call, or to trust our leaders in their vote, we need to have all of the information. And so, I am imploring you to vote for all relevant evidence and witnesses be made available to us.

This includes all of the evidence from the House, and the new evidence and documents they have received since their official proceedings have ended. It includes eyewitness testimony from the principals who were in the room during these alleged actions.

We need to know these things. Whether this evidence leads to removal from office or not, Americans need clear eyes to see who their leaders are, what they do in our name, and why they do it. We voted you into office to help provide that oversight. Please exercise it.

Your branch is not a subservient one to the Executive. It is the premier, most powerful branch of our government, and the one on which our American experiment hangs. So please, to uphold and defend the Constitution, as you swore to do, vote for that interest—and not the interest of Party.

Thank you (if you happen to read this),

Paul Burkhart


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