“The Weather Presents its Caprice” [GUEST POEM]

I have a very dear, long-time friend who is open about being on the autism spectrum. This has given him the gift of seeing the world and its details in beautiful ways, allowing him to do what Emily Dickinson implores of us, to “tell all the truth but tell it slant.”

Below is a text message he sent me this morning that, with his permission, I’ve turned into a poetic form for you to enjoy. (When I asked him, his exact reply was “You go ahead, Paul!”)

The weather presents its caprice.

Yesterday’s balmy air gives way to cold rain.
Somehow, these trees still have nuts,
which remain to reach
(fall to)
the grounds.

Walking through autumn sceneries
constitute a pastime,
at least for many.

In any case,
the tree nuts falling on the grounds
injure the runners and walkers.

Thus, many who run
and/or walk
through nature during autumn
often go on scenic walk ways
sufficiently distant from the trees
–rather than paths directly under

the shades of trees,
especially those with nuts
(including acorns).

In any case,
cold rains arrive today.
We endeavor to stay warm.
the Holiday Seasons arrive!


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