The Word of God is not written in ink [QUOTE]

“We receive God’s promises only when they are confirmed by the blood of Christ … we hear God speaking to us only when we see Christ offering himself as a pledge in what is said to us. If we could only get it into our heads that the Word of God we read is written not so much with ink as with the blood of the Son of God.”

–John Calvin, Commentary on Hebrews

(from Martha L. Moore-Keish’s excellent book, Do This in Remembrance of Me)


2 thoughts on “The Word of God is not written in ink [QUOTE]

  1. My comments are not about your blog. I am 67 years old and left seminary in 1972 without finishing. I really perhaps had no business at Seminary. I did not become a College Minister, as I though I would be. I have had a full life and find joy in the Lord now. I loved the Study of Church History and wanted
    to study that some more. It is hard to find a Church that gives you the depth of study you get at Seminary. I went to Midwestern Baptist Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri. I did eventually get a
    masters degree in education for special education. It served me well, for the amount of time I taught.
    I rejoice you went on to finish Seminary. I have a friend, who finished seminary, and went into a Social Service ministry with a food bank. The ministry in a church is not the only thing to do with a Seminary

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