#Marginalia Weekly Round-Up #4 [3/17-23/14]

Marginalia is a section of this blog dedicated to (mostly) short reflections, meditations, questions, and difficulties I have while going through my Bible reading plan. I’m still trying to figure out the best pace at which to post these, so be patient with me. To aid in helping people engage with these posts, every weekend I post a round-up of all of Marginalia posts that appeared during that week. This list is in biblical canonical order.


Responding to the Covenant | Genesis 17:10

God & Sarah: one of the most beautiful verses in the Bible | Genesis 21.1

The Echoes of History &  Abraham| Genesis 24.22-23

And the story moves from Abraham to Isaac… | selections from Genesis 26

God’s Camp is Our Camp | Genesis 32:1

Wrestling with God: History & Theology | Genesis 32.24-32

Responding to the Covenant | Genesis 35.9-13


Moses the Levite? | Exodus 2:12

Moses the Shepherd | Exodus 3.1

A quick note on why everything you think about angels might be wrong | Exodus 3.2


How to read Esther Christianly | Esther 7:4–10

Death as home; Death as gift | Esther 8.1


God & Job | Job 1.8

The Worship of Job; the Blame of God | Job 1.20-22


John, Pharisees, Baptism & Grace? | Matthew 3:7

Some random Beatitude snippets | Matthew 5.6,11-12

Imputation and…Physical Illness? | Matthew 8.16-17

A Parable on Minimum Wage, hehe | Matthew 20.3-4

Matthew & the Jews | Matthew 27.20-23


‘Tis So Sweet…” | Mark 1:35

Of Seed, Scattering, & Harvest-Time | Mark 4:26–29


The Storied Propaganda of Acts | Acts 6.7,15

St. Stephen & the History of Israel | Acts 7.48-53

Phillip the Baptizing Magician? | Acts 8.39-40

Luke on the New Perspective on Paul | Acts 15:1,8-11

In Acts, Paul = Jesus | Acts 27.35-36


God sometimes might send His people to Hell | Romans 2.1-8

1 Corinthians

“How to rail against sex stuff” by St. Paul | 1 Corinthians 5.9–13


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