The Reasons Why You Don’t Believe in Grace [LINK]

I absolutely love this. Very much related to my post from earlier today.

Elias Kruger

It started soon after you were born. As a baby, you were already being compared. In your first doctor visit and you were put in a percentile, literally comparing you to all the babies in the country. You may have grown in a loving home where you were accepted for who you were and cherished for just being there. Yet, some may not have been this lucky always being measured against the better behaving, smarter and prettier sibling. If you escaped that at home, you sure did not escape it in your social life. As you entered the playground, kids assessed you and so determined how you should be treated. Teachers and school teachers placed you in special classes based on your talents or lack thereof. From very early on, you were labeled.

As you have grown in you’re the educational system the message continued. They measured you by grades, liked or…

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