I really miss blogging…


It’s not that I haven’t had enough time….

(I’m caught up on all my TV shows, I’m a season-and-a-half into The West Wing, and I’ve finished several books in the past few weeks.)

It’s not that I haven’t had inspiration…

(I have several posts half-written and so many lined up and outlined out.)

It’s not that I’ve been uninterested in blogging…

(I’ve missed it so much!)

It’s not even that I haven’t had the energy….

(I’ve been writing many other things for church, work, school, etc.)

There are just times when things just need to relax and rest. Rest takes striving. And I feel very rested right now. I like it. I also feel the need to commune with that which is above, below, and around me.

If you’ve been here before, you know what I mean.

I want my writing to emanate from within more than from without. Does that make sense?

So, will tomorrow have a post? I don’t know.

We’ll see if I feel like it.


3 thoughts on “I really miss blogging…

  1. In a similar place with you. So many drafts, lists of ideas, for posts – yet so much else going on. What an amazing mix of life to draw on for inspiration, but is it a mix of reaction or action? What is taking the lead? Is it from the Spirit, or elsewhere? Feeling the need to create a more organized and dedicated writing life, rather than finding time in the midst. Shall see as we transition into summer (preschool ends this week!) and irregular schedules.


  2. Today, I thought I should be working on this and that, writing that blog post, committing to that prayer journey. Then I sat for a few minutes, munching on almonds and pepperjack cheese, and realized sometimes the mind needs to REST. Thanks for that confirmation.


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