Biggest Guatemala Take-Away: No More Murse. [casual fri]


Murse (n.): 1. a purse carried by a man. 2. used to describe a male handbag, or man-purse.

I’ve been a big fan of messenger bags, ever since college (my chiropractor can confirm this). From early on, these bags became known as my man-purses, or “murses”. After starting my new job, I decided to get a more “economical” bag off Ebay that ended up being a little more purse than man (see “before” picture above).

And then I went to Guatemala.

One of the more fun parts of the trip was when I had the chance to go to a large local market that held everything from fruit to clothing. No one spoke English, and everything was up for unashamed haggling.

After tasting some incredible fruits (that I still don’t know the name of), I and another blogger who knew Spanish started walking around. It was then that I saw it–the death blow to my murse-mania: the hand-made, hand-stitched, locally-crafted Guatemalan satchel you see above in the “after” photo.

I’d like to say that I was the one that haggled the satchel down by a third of it’s original price, but it was actually my Spanish-speaking blogger friends that did the haggling; I just stood there and watched.

Oh well. Either way, I ended up with a new bag for work, and I love it. A co-worker yesterday told me that I look like Indiana Jones every day when I walk in with it.

Biggest. Compliment. Ever.

Guatemala, you gave me many, many things while I was there. But thank you especially for this.

And while we’re at it, I do need to give a special shout-out to Chris Byers, husband to blogger Dana Byers, who also accompanied us on this trip, and ended up taking my murse-mantle and bringing it back to the States. Here’s a tweet he sent me yesterday:

Wear it proud, Chris.

And thank you, Whit Wilson, for conducting the awkward photo shoot that produced the pictures above.

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7 thoughts on “Biggest Guatemala Take-Away: No More Murse. [casual fri]

  1. Do you know the difference between a murse and a purse? A murse ONLY carries men stuff. Now I don’t think that is fair…my husband is always cramming his stuff in my purse, I should be able to stuff my things in a murse. What say you?


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