Space Jam’s 1996 website is still up. You’re welcome. [casual fri]


Prepare to have your day made. A friend on Facebook recently posted this link to the original movie website from the 1996 film Space Jam. It’s full of cheesy jokes, dated references, attempted slang “cool” talk, and some of the worst html website design I’ve ever seen. Oh, we’ve come so far in such little time.

There’s also this declaration on the page for the soundtrack (and yes, it’s in bright red):

When you’ve got the world’s greatest basketball superstars and the world’s greatest cartoon characters facing off against space aliens, you can’t skimp on the jams — and sure enough, Warner Sunset/Atlantic Records’ Space Jam:  Music From The Motion Picture is one of the most powerful collections in the universe.

Here’s my favorite little ditty:


That link to download the trailer doesn’t work, by the way. But, if you were really hoping to watch the trailer (or need a refresher as to what Space Jam was, but really, who would need that?), then here it is, in all it’s glory. And again, you’re welcome.


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