Free Advent Mixtape Available Now!


Update: I got some inspiration and updated the Mixtape, changing the song selection/order a little bit from when this was originally posted. Sorry for the inconvenience.

A new church season, a new mixtape. You can find this year’s Advent Mixtape above, in the appropriately-named tab, or just click here. It’s free, and you can stream, download, or share it.

It’s very similar to last year’s except with some songs removed, added, and re-ordered. I definitely think this one is better. (Let me know what you think!) Be sure to read my post introducing Advent this year, including ways than you can more intentionally participate in this season. I hope this Mixtape can play some role in your time as well.

Here’s some more info, from the “Advent Mixtape” page:

Advent is here. These next few weeks, leading up to Christmas, have traditions embedded in them that represent every sphere of culture and art. We have Christmas plays, TV specials, movies, art, books, clothing, decorations, and, of course, music. This season is usually associated with cheesy, sentimental, and “happy” music, and the roots of this are pretty obvious and reasonable to anyone with even the most cursory familiarity with Christmas. This is the season we celebrate the arrival of God among us! The plan of restoration for the world finally reaches it’s climax! The hero of the story finally enters into the frame!

And yet, from the earliest days of the Church, there has also been embedded in this time a sense of meditation, tension, angst, and longing. Because, yes, the hero has stepped into the story; but he has left, and the story, in so many profound ways seems to have both been radically changed and yet not altered at all. We feel the darkness into which the infant God had to enter to taste our need. We let the light of his Coming pierce our darkened sight and feel the difficulty, even now, generations removed, of adjusting our eyes to the new reality around us. We celebrate his Coming, all while longing for it all the more.

Historically, this time has been marked by a strange tension between meditation on the mystery and beauty of Christ’s Coming and overwhelming joy for what that Coming accomplished, as well anticipation for his Second Coming. And so, I’m making available this mixtape which is designed to focus us on the more meditative and beautiful qualities of this season. It’s slightly different than last year’s (better, I think). Feel free to download and share it as you like, and may it bless you this Advent.


2 thoughts on “Free Advent Mixtape Available Now!

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