a prayer for President Obama & America

Ruler and King of all, our nation is now entering into such a delicate time. Many emotions are being felt very deeply after this election. It was a hard-fought fight that many had much invested in. Would you be with us as the immediate emotional aftermath of the election occurs?

Lord, hear our prayer.

O God of peace, you do not desire that we would be filled with anxiety, frustration, or gloating after elections, as if our greatest joy or pain would be the result of this one vote. You have taught us that in returning and rest we shall be saved, in quietness and confidence shall be our strength: By the might of your Spirit lift us, we pray, into your presence, where we may be still and know that you are the God who is the sustaining Presence in all nations,

Lord, hear our prayer.

O Lord our Governor, whose glory is in all the world: We commend this nation to your merciful care, that, being guided by your Providence, we may dwell secure in your peace. Grant to President Barack Obama, and all of those that were elected on Tuesday, wisdom and strength to know and to do your will. Fill them with the love of truth and righteousness, and make them ever mindful of their calling to serve this people in your fear. Be with those who lost in elections, and their families, that they may be able find peace in this time. Care for their practical needs and surround them with loved ones, that they may be encouraged and strengthened.

Lord, hear our prayer.

Father, we pray specifically for the next four years of President Obama’s administration. We pray that in those ways that he governs with truth, peace, and justice, that you would bless him and sustain his efforts; in those ways that he does not, we ask that you would bring guidance and conviction, minimizing the negative effects of any of his actions. We pray that as he forms his new cabinet, that he would be given wisdom and discernment and that he would be surrounded by those that would both challenge and support him well.

Lord, hear our prayer.

Lord, we also pray for our Congress. By your Providence, you have brought these men and women together to represent and lead this nation. We pray that this governance is done in accordance with truth, peace, and justice. We ask that a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect would settle into the members of the chamber, that peace would prevail before party, and good and flourishing might be brought to many through their efforts.

Lord, hear our prayer.

Sovereign One, we pray all of these things through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, as one God, now and forever.



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