Hey Philly! Here’s Every Block: know & love your neighborhood! [casual fri]

I recently signed up for a site that, honestly, I thought would be just another one of those wasted sign-ups that you either forget about or delete after a few weeks. But I was absolutely wrong. And you should sign up too.

The site is called Every Block, (here’s my profile) and it’s a hyper-local social network for cities (more than just Philly). I know, I know. “Another social network to keep up with?”. But really, you can be pretty passive with this site if you want. And, admittedly “social network” is probably the wrong word for it. It’s more like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Craigslist, MeetUp, Flickr, and your local newspaper all combined into one, all focused on the particular, specific neighborhoods of your choice in your city. Here’s their description:

EveryBlock is the best way to follow neighborhood news and connect with your neighbors in 19 U.S. cities. Our goal is to help you be a better neighbor, by giving you frequently updated neighborhood news, plus tools to have meaningful conversations with neighbors.

To start, you simply sign-up, make a little profile (if you want), sign up for what neighborhoods you want to “follow”, what kind of topics interest you most, and then set up the parameters for an optional email digest for you to receive (how often, what topics, what neighborhoods, etc.).

This email digest is where a lot of the value of the site comes from. This email digest means that you don’t need to actively check the site or keep up with things. Just open your email for a summary of restaurant reviews, real estate news, community events, neighborhood questions/discussions, and police reports from however small or large of an area you want.

And with a highly-functional mobile site (I actually did the entire sign-up process on my phone on the subway after seeing an ad on the train) and iPhone app (Android coming soon), there is a lot of benefit that be easily experienced on your computer or on-the-go. Sign-up and enjoy!


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