my coffee brewing is about to get real… [casual fri]

Friends know that I’m a coffee snob. Real coffee snobs know I’m only a wanna-be coffee snob. I myself know that the latter group is probably more right, but nevertheless, this doesn’t prevent from trying to edge ever closer to my dream of being a real coffee connoisseur.

To that end, I recently invested in the above materials, and I wanted to share them with you on this Casual Friday.

I love hand grinding the coffee beans each morning, and this particular cold brew method creates some of my favorite iced coffee around. Being able to weigh the beans has made a big difference as well. The only things missing? Well, a proper kettle like this one. Currently, I’m using our regular ol’ tea pot, which isn’t able to offer as much control as I’d like.

But maybe, someday, I can earn my coffee snob badge.


5 thoughts on “my coffee brewing is about to get real… [casual fri]

  1. My snobbery is quite shallow. But I did have three different coffee brewers on the counter at once. A grind-n-brew, a regular drip, and a Keurig (anathema, I know.) However, I do splurge on a nice Sumatra brand to drip through the Keurig. Luscious! And I did get rid of the grind-n-brew. Too hard to clean. The best coffee ever I found to be at every counter in Rome.
    May you find success on your road to snobbery.


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  3. I’ve just discovered our old (40 years +) manual coffee grinder in the family home and if I could convert everyone to using this, I would. It’s brilliant. The aroma alone is worth the effort. More about this on my latest blogpost on ‘The Good, the Bad and the Italian’. cheers


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