on Holy Saturday: “to death, a sonnet” [a poem]

to death, a sonnet

A fear as frank as frankness be
I hold within this frame so dear;
so dear please hold me, till this dark is past
_____— till the darkness passes mine eye.

But to be so engraced I know I must face
_____– and lose-
___________to this spectre this prospect requires.

O this still darkest night, I lie here betwixt
competing rays
__________of glory’s gaze.
One lies ahead; one lies to my face
___both wooing and charming a choice from my hands:

___________to re-seize and be lived,
___________or release and be sieved?

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[image by Mark Rothko]

all writings licensed: Creative Commons License


One thought on “on Holy Saturday: “to death, a sonnet” [a poem]

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