On Holy Week, Idolatry, & Suicidal Ideations

This has long been a favorite of many people who have read it. With all the newcomers to the site the past couple of days, I thought it appropriate to post it today, on Good Friday. I hope you all enjoy.

the long way home

This week marks the most important week of the entire Christian calendar. It’s Holy Week; the time we meditate upon Christ’s Passion — the last week he spent in Jerusalem during the Passover preparing to be the true and perfect Passover Lamb. This is also the final week of the Lent season. For weeks now we have celebrated the angst, tension, and pain of Lent. This has been a time where we have focused on the fact that we have not yet become who we will be, and we still live in much of that old way of life. This has been a time where we look our idols in the eyes, hear their whispers and discern what they have been promising us and what we have believed they can give. Love. Security. Affirmation. Rest. We seek all these things under the sun, but all these things find their Source…

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3 thoughts on “On Holy Week, Idolatry, & Suicidal Ideations

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