Free Holy Week Music: Cool Hand Luke’s “Of Man” & Lent Mixtape

All of us know that one of the things that can affect our mood like no other is music. And so, to that end, I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite albums ever, by my favorite band ever (they’ve had that title since I was in high school, so I promise, I’m not just exaggerating for effect), Cool Hand Luke’s Of Man.

Cool Hand Luke, as a band, is “officially” over (you can still follow the frontman’s updates on Facebook). Last year’s Of Man is a concept album that goes through the last week of Christ’s life, Holy Week, which the Church is in the process of celebrating right now. It follows the thoughts and perspectives of Jesus and those around him through that last week.

The album was intended to be their last release, and so it has all the energy passion, thoughtfulness, and intensity that such a project would bring (you can read more about the album it’s production and lyrics at the album site). It’s amazing. It really is. A perfect way to meditate on this time of year.

You can listen to the album right now for free on Spotify, or you can purchase the digital album at Amazon. You won’t regret it, and I hope it blesses you this Holy Week. (Also check out my favorite album of all-time, also by Cool Hand Luke, 2000’s Wake Up, O Sleeper.)

Lastly, I want to give one more reminder about my own Lent Mixtape I made for this season (featuring two Cool Hand Luke songs). Feel free to download and share it for free, and may it bless you as well.

P.S. There is an Easter Mixtape on the way, so get excited…


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