two of my best (looking) friends are getting married today, so I’m shaving my beard.

Aren’t they good-looking? (Their dog is even cuter.)

Looks aside, two of my favorite people in my life are getting married in just a few hours. I’ve walked with them (especially the future Mrs.) through a lot and having watched them get there today will be one of the greatest joys of my life. Seriously. Their relationship is a true testimony to the goodness and faithfulness of a God that stays with us and heals us. They encourage me and give me so much hope in God.

Oh! The beard thing. Yes. I almost forgot. They have asked me to play guitar for their wedding. Though I believe they have over-estimated my guitar skills a little, I look forward to being a part of this sacrament of God in such a way.

The rehearsal dinner last night was a blast. They and their family showed their love for us so well, as they so consistently have in the past few years I’ve known them.

In short, there has been a humble (and reluctant) request from the Bride that I give my beard a major trim, and I have very happily obliged. I know it seems a bit ironic after my post yesterday, but, admittedly, I was just looking for a reason to shave it. I’m more than happy for this to be the reason. In fact, its an honor.

Thank you, Tammy and Al. I look forward to living much more life with you. And watching much more McGee and Me!.

P.S. here’s a preview:


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