This is why coffee-shops hate college students…

image I’m sitting in this coffee-shop, Lovers & Madmen (pictured above, on a previous day), doing paperwork. Here’s the scene:

There are these five college-aged girls that have walked in separately, all of whom know each other. They have come to study/write a paper for the same class, it seems. Their faces are currently buried in their respective laptops.

They have each taken up a table by themselves (one has taken residence at a four-person table). Two have have purchased nothing, one has brought in their own lunch (the shop tries to be very strict about their no outside food policy).

Looking around, I just noticed there are no more tables available, and I just watched two separate potential customers walk in, look for a free table to sit at, and walk out when they saw there were none. Between the five of them, there are 10 possible free seats others could use if these girls sat together.

And as I end this, they have taken a study break to turn in their chairs and loudly proclaim–to their girlfriends at the separate tables around them–gossip about boys (you would never believe what Chris just blatantly posted on Facebook, not even trying to hide it! The nerve!).

Chris (whoever you are), you might want to block this girl. She’s out for your blood.

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5 thoughts on “This is why coffee-shops hate college students…

  1. Hey Paul. Love the story about Lovers and Madmen. Im John one of the managers. The one who is strick about the no outside food or drink. Glad you appreciate our Cafe. If I was there they all would of made a purchase and she would not of even thought about eatng her lunch.They have no manners and know consideration for anyone. Rude rude rude girls. Thanks for bringing attention to this. Nice to know that someone undestands what we deal with,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  2. I totally get this. While I was one of those college kids that hunkered down in a coffeeshop, I never would go in without buying atleast coffee and if I was there for more than an hour, it was 2 cups. Only when I was super poor (first world poor that is) did I sneak snacks in. I love coffeeshops, so I would never intentionally hurt their business!


  3. Paul, I totally get this, even though I am a college student. I know to be respectful of the coffee shop I am going to. I always buy a cup of coffee and I don’t pick the big tables. I am doing a paper on coffee shops and college students. Do you mind if I put the point in this blog in it?


    • Absolutely! Feel free to use this blog. If you have any questions for bibliographic or citation reasons, let me know. I’d also love to read the paper when you’re done!


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