the political animal in me is stirring…

Here we go again. This usually happens every four years in the summer after the major Party Conventions, and the full-blown presidential campaign is in full swing. This time, though, it’s happening about six-months early in January (I wrote about this quadrennial event back in ’08).

And so, I just wanted to give everyone a quick heads-up that my political self is rousing from his hibernation, and I tell you what–he’s more passionate and (this is new!) clear-headed about what he thinks and why.

(Attached to this post, you can see a picture of my inner “political animal”. He’s been around for a while now. Thanks, Dad.)

So expect a shift in the content of this blog. Yes, there will still be plenty of pastoral and theological musings, but you’ll also see an increasing number of political posts on this site in the coming weeks and months (hey, maybe I can try and start writing for Patrol Magazine again!).

I feel like I’m  finally settling into a cohesive and articulate (and defensible) set of beliefs concerning politics-influenced-by-faith: where we’re off the mark, we’re we need to be, and how to get there. So, expect some ideological posts on that stuff, but also expect some commentary on the unfolding politics as they move forward toward November.

For the sake of full disclosure, and to get you all thinking/reading/listening until some of these writings go up, here is a list of my biggest political influences (and relevant links). Now, let me say up front, it’s not that I agree with these folks/writings on all (or even most) things. They’re just the first things I go to first for their thoughts, and they’ve incredibly shaped my thinking on all things political:



And lastly, I’m currently supporting Ron Paul for President and would consider myself closest to a Libertarian. These things will be fleshed out/defended in posts to come. You can also check out my other posts on politics I’ve written in the near past. Let the discussions begin!


6 thoughts on “the political animal in me is stirring…

  1. I’m very curious to see how you will argue for both a libertarian and distributist/corporatist philosophy, especially in regards to how these philosophies tend to have diametrical viewpoints on government regulation.


  2. @heath- yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing that too. The whole corporatism idea is newer to my thinking, and I readily admit the contradictions with my other perspectives. I’m still figuring it out. We’ll see.


  3. Do you think you’ll stay with/vote for Paul if/when he bows out? Or are you inclined to vote for one of the lesser of two evils? (i.e. Republican nominee or Obama) Before you answer, let me remind you that your Pennsylvania vote will matter! 😉

    Personally, I’m supporting Stephen Colbert.


  4. I might vote Burkhart, Paul, but Ron Paul makes me 😦 Austrian economic theory is total bunk. I’m also looking forward to seeing if there is a middle ground between it and corporatism and distributivism.


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