Well, it’s here. The day we’ve been building up to and meditating upon. This is the day we joyfully celebrate the King who broke into our reality and ushered in His Kingdom and our salvation by coming in the form of a little child.

Even though this time can be tough for some (my grandfather died a year ago tomorrow), I do hope and pray that we are all able to have at least one good laugh this year and see the smile of at least one person we love and that we know loves us. And eat good food. And drink good drink. And listen to bad, cheesy music. (On a side-note: the picture above is a picture of the wall-hanging that went up in my house every year as I grew up. And now I have it. I love it.)

Don’t worry, this isn’t really a whole other post. This Advent season has been an especially fruitful time for my writing (as my Facebook Wall obviously shows). I want to thank everyone that has been telling me how helpful these posts were–or even those that just told me they were reading them in the first place!. I can’t tell you how much it affects me, sticks with me, and encourages me. But anyway, I just wanted to write this post so I could put up all these posts in one place for you easy reading pleasure, should you so desire. Happy Advent!

Advent, Evolution, & Absolution | The implications of Advent on the natural world and how Jesus figures into creation’s history, both past and future. (P.S.: I’ll be writing up a follow-up to this about how Jesus is the climax of evolution. Stay tuned.)

our failed function, God’s full faithfulness | God created and gave a function to his people for how they were to interact with the world around them. They fail and so God advents to fulfill this on their behalf. We look at environmentalism, miracles, and heaven.

What Christ did not taste, Christ did not redeem. | Advent is not just about God coming to die for us, but God coming to live among us. We are saved not just by his death, but also this life.

The Formation of God | Jesus did not just come to change things, but to be changed by things. We talked about how and why this is.

The Holy Sacrament of Advent | One of the most beautiful things about Advent is the hope it can give us about how we finite, material creatures can relate deeply with the Divine. (BONUS: I also wrote up a follow-up post to this about the history of the various views on Communion and how God meets us in it.)

There is No One Like You (Adv, Days 23/24; HelloGoodBye 09/10) by David Schrott A guest post about how Advent gives hope in the midst of pain and suffering.

God loves me. But does he like me? | These were by far may favorite and most personal posts I put up in this whole series. Part 1: I really want to actually be inherently pleasing to God. Part 2: How Advent gives me hope that I can.

What is the True Gospel of Advent? (hint: it’s not your salvation) | The Advent happened for a much bigger reason than just to get you out of Hell.

BONUS: Free Awesome Advent Mixtape | Download it. Share it. Love it.


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