for all you REAL blog readers out there…

… as a gift to you for actually reading my blog and not just accidentally running across it on Facebook or Twitter, I will let those precious few of you know that today is, in fact, my 26th birthday. Over the years I have become very accustomed to not making a big deal out of this day because no one is ever really in town on the 20th of December. Nevertheless, the few people that have known of this date this particular year are making a particularly big deal of it. I honestly have no idea how to handle it, how to enjoy it, or how to relate to being made a big deal of. Pray for me. Onward to 27!


2 thoughts on “for all you REAL blog readers out there…

  1. Congratulations, Jacob. You were able to offer the first original birthday sentiment I’ve heard in years. I’m totally going to steal that “trip around the sun” line from you, haha. It gave me a moment of awe as I realized that’s exactly what’s happening year by year. So thank you so much. I appreciate it.


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