the Staché is upon us. (looking for a book club?)

No, this post has nothing to do with the picture. Sorry.

(But it is an amazing picture, though, am I right? I think I look like Mario.)

As most people know, several months ago I started a new job. Part of my orientation in the specifics of this field was a 12-week training course with others in the field from different agencies all over the city. We had assigned seating–assigned at random–and the table of people I ended up with were pretty fantastic. We joked and learned and had a great time for our twelve weeks together.

During our hour-long lunch breaks, we would all pull out books and read at the table. We learned that each of us were lovers of books and as our 12-weeks came to an end, we decided to start a book club to stay in touch with one another.

Enter: Staché: the paper trail
The website:

One of our trainers had this amazing mustache (and interesting ties) with which he enchanted us as he lectured, and so we decided to name our book club after the facial accoutrement of our dear Dennis (pictured left), as well as use one of his random quotes as our slogan: No need to worry; I’m merely trying to trick you.

I am picking our first book for December (we’ll rotate) and it is The Death of the Adversary by Hans Keilson. I’ve heard this is an amazing book and I can’t wait to start it and discuss it with my new friends. Feel free to read along and follow the blog if you wish (you can purchase it here for $3). Or, if you find yourself in the Philly area and are looking for an amazing book club with amazing people, maybe we will let you in–if you ask nicely enough and pass the interview 😉

This will be amazing.


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