how I’m handling Hurricane Irene

So with the looming threat of Irene on its way to Philly and all the east coast freaking out (I personally think it’s a bit overblown), how am I spending my rainy afternoon and evening? Recently I finished reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. I was inspired to read this in the first place so that, upon completion, I could get together with a couple of my friends (the male of which introduced me, ironically enough, to my manliest movie ever, Top Gun–oh the volleyball scene!), and watch both the BBC miniseries and Hollywood iterations of Austen’s book.

Well, today is finally the day that I get to spend with Irene, Red Wine, Scotch, Beer, Nicole, Heath, and Colin Firth (oh be still, my beating heart!). Unfortunately, Keira will have to wait.


One thought on “how I’m handling Hurricane Irene

  1. Hi, Paul. Great post! I too have some books I’ll be reading if we lose power. That’s my main concern here in Massachusetts as I live in the woods and could face downed power lines. Our entire state is under a “state of emergency.” Better safe than sorry, I guess.


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