I’ve got a new job in Philadelphia

In May 2009, I decided to drop out of seminary (for many reasons). Then employment drama ensued. I got a job, couldn’t start the job, then got a part-time position at the company, and then was finally able to move into the full-time spot I was originally hired for.

And it’s been wonderful. Over the past year and half, I was able to love my caseload of people and take them from broken and with nothing to on the path towards healing and recovery. I actually got to see change and growth up close–and it changed me.

But, it’s time to move on. As I’ve been praying for for a while, I recently got offered a job that is walking distance from my house. I finally get to realize my desire to not only live and spend my money in the city, but also to earn my money and serve the residents there as well.

My new job is working with one of the oldest and most well-respected agencies in the city, Horizon House, as an Intensive Case Manager in their Targeted Case Management department. I will be doing much the same work as I do now, except I will be taking people that are homeless, getting out of mental hospitals and rehab programs, or getting out of prison–in short, those in our society that literally have nothing–and helping them find housing, get connected to social services, get off drugs, get vocational training, find a job, and live independently. I’ll have to travel “in the field” a whole lot more, but I’ll be able to do it on public transit because it’s all centrally located in the city.

In short, it’s going to be amazing. I’ll get so much experience, make so many connections, and be able to better love the city I’ve loved to love.

So, on Monday, I start my new position, and I can’t wait. But, as a farewell and to honor my previous employer, Project Transition, I’d like to post what I offered them as my letter of resignation:

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to resign from my position as a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counselor at the Adams Program of Project Transition effective Sunday, July 31, 2011.

My time at Project Transition really has been a pleasure. It has grown me both professionally and personally and has given me the rare opportunity to see healing be brought into the lives of others. I feel I have been mentored and cared for and I will only be better at my future positions because of my time here. I thank you for the care, time, training, and resources you and the rest of the supervising staff at Adams have put into making me into a better employee, and a better person.

I wish you and the entire PT Adams team the best of luck in the future.


Paul Burkhart


9 thoughts on “I’ve got a new job in Philadelphia

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