Weekly Must-Reads {06.20.11} | a New York Times Op-Ed miscellany

This week, as I compiled my favorite reads for the week, I realized nearly all of them were from the New York Times. I found these on different days, at different times, and had no idea that I kept bookmarking the same site over and over again. But still, all of them are very different and I encourage you to peruse, read, ponder, and post your thoughts!


Instead of Student Loans, Investing in Futures | NYTimes.com

Ever since the financial crisis hit, I’ve been so intrigued by other economic models for getting things done. This article follows one idea when it comes to funding higher education. And it really seems to work. I also love that this particular idea was not dreamt up by nor financed by the government.

Liking Is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts. | NYTimes Op-Ed

In this fairly long, sustantive article, Jonathan Franzen documents our culture’s “technolust”, it’s addiction to being “liked”, and the narcissism it breeds. He explores the source and sustenance for these results of our technological world, and how we can find life and reprieve in the midst of those terrifying, painful, vulnerable, and insecure things we call real, human relationships.

The Good Banker | NYTimes Op-Ed

This article is pretty much what you would expect form the title: it’s a profile of Robert G. Wilmers, head of M&T Bank. It goes through his own philosophy of business, his ethical practices, and his distaste for the state of modern American baking. Great article.

They Want to Make Voting Harder? | NYTimes.com

Ah, this makes me so mad! I hate when partisanship affects our rights of American citizens. What ever happened to Republicans supporting civil liberties and rights?

Romney’s Primary Challenge – Selling Pragmatism | The Caucus – NYTimes.com

I love nuanced politicians that buck the status quo for the sake of conviction. It seems like Romney sort of is that guy. But the problem is this: he is that guy, but he lives in 21st-century modern America; a place where not even a whiff of pragmatism, common sense, and complexity of thought goes without brutally being brought down. It seems like Romney has been sacrificing these ideals for the sake of a vote. So if you hate the contemporary state of politics in America, read this. And cry.

Who, What and Where is Bon Iver? | NYTimes.com

Amazing profile of Justin Vernon of the amazing band Bon Iver. Anyone that likes there music has to read this.

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