sexuality & the church’s obsessions (a quote)

Another sobering finding is that while high-octane rhetoric has been devoted to the issue of same-sex marriage, an issue relevant to only a small faction of the U.S. population (the CDC reports about 2-3%, some figures are as low as 1.7%), huge shifts have taken place on attitudes toward sex before marriage—what the Bible calls fornication: “The best evidence is that the fraction of all Americans believing that premarital sex was ‘not wrong’ doubled from 24% to 47% in the four years between 1969 and 1973 and then drifted upward through the 1970s to 62% in 1982.” Today attitudes toward sexuality are the best indicator of church attendance. It appears that many in the church have taken their eye off a far more pervasive problem among a far larger number of Americans.

from this Cardus book review on Robert Putnan and David Campbell’s book American Grace: How Religion Dvides and Unites Us


2 thoughts on “sexuality & the church’s obsessions (a quote)

  1. Incredible. When I think of my experience. There has been a lack of expounding on the importance of abstaining. Where I do seek out that kind of teaching and preaching. It’s not so prevalent. Like some preachers have been somewhat afraid to stand against prevailing attitudes. I wonder if the preaching against Idolatry would bring about a change. I wonder would the Lord Adonai show himself strong mighty and victorious in the hearts of his people. Of coarse he will. Long and the short of it will his people honor his fight?


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