On Good Friday: “Scotchful Thoughts on Treason & War” (a poem)


Scotchful Thoughts on Treason & War

You’re stronger than Scotch, though that’s not what my throat urgently screams at the moment. Ah, the struggles of an artist, a mystic, one whose deep cries out for yours – to express the inexpressible.  To package in words that which can’t be contained.  You’ve caringly — lovingly, even — taken me, torn open my chest, pulled out my heart, and have affectionately run my broken body into your knee such that I am torn in two
_____– one spirit, one flesh:

All of reality stands at this heralding moment:
_____Wide-eyed, eager – youthful
_____anticipation abounds.
Hands on knees looking forward, rocking back
_____so on and so forth they watch:
_____smiles ear to ear.

The fateful moment, the Climax now stepping forward
_____to take the mark-missed darts.
_____Victory is now here.
It happens — the tension of millennia bearing down:
_____the clash of flesh and steel.
_____Rain begins to fall . . .

. . .

_____. . .

__________. . .

Was that it?  The answer to treason on the lips of men?
_____Surely there had to be another way!
_____(They long to look again.)
Was the debt this large, so costly the price?
_____To sacrifice Beauty on the altar of ashes?
_____For what could be?

No framework to work from, no pardon to see.
_____This can’t be the way, it can’t!
_____(Super-abound in deed!)
Once more: was this the debt?  How large the cup?
_____To pour all that’s worthy for all that’s not.

_____Ah, now it is revealed:
Not for worth of sins now atoned,
_____but unto the worth of the One that was wronged.

It was repaid not to me when I sinned, perverting what was right
He has redeemed my life from the pit and now I look upon the light.

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all writings licensed: Creative Commons License


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