It’s back: WaWa Egg Nog

me & wawa

Wawa Eggnog.

It only comes out for a few months out of the year, but when it does, I go kind of crazy. Seriously, it’s one of the best drinks I’ve ever had and every year it’s as good as the year before. No joke.  Others agree.  It’s so thick and creamy and not too “noggy”. It comes in two varieties: Original and Pumpkin Spice. The latter is good to at least try once in your life, but really, Original is where it’s at.  Also, here’s a little secret:  WaWa Egg Nog is really just Turkey Hill Egg Nog licensed for a WaWa bottle.  So if there’s no WaWa around you and all you’ve got is Turkey Hill, that’s all you really need.

Every year my brother and I have a bonding moment over our mutual love for this fine delicacy. We almost grow physically ill while we’re home with our parents from ingesting so much dairy and egg whites. And it’s worth every bit of it. So drop by your Wawa today and pick up some of it to try. Or, if you are in Philadelphia and have never had it before, I’d be glad to buy you your first one.


5 thoughts on “It’s back: WaWa Egg Nog

  1. Dude, thanks for the compliments on wawa nog. The comany I work for makes the egg nog for Wawa. The formula is for their product alone. Has nothing to do with Turkey Hill.Theirs is good too but Wawa’s is better


  2. OK, please tell me where I can get the Wawa Egg Nog that used to be made special for the holidays.
    I don’t live in Phila any more and only et back during Christmas, and that not every year.
    Last year I spent Wawa Egg Nog-less in Florida.
    The year before, I couldn’t find the special holiday version.
    If it’s still made, it’s not available at all the Wawa locations.
    So…. help!
    Email me if you can see my email address.
    Or, I am going to check my email since I’m checking the box to notify me of follow-up mails.


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