Free Recordings from our Housewarming Show

A little more than an month ago, myself and my roommates held a Housewarming show to inaugurate our new presence in South Philadelphia.  In all, we had six musical acts play, 32 songs performed, and almost 60 people attend.  It was an amazing night.  One of the best I had had in a long time.  For all those that came, thank you again.

We also live recorded the music that night, and today, we are proud to officially release The Birdhouse Presents, Vol. 1: The Housewarming. Those recordings are now available for download for free (or donation, if you like).  The album comes in two editions.  The Color edition has the evening broken up by individual song; the Black & White edition contains each artists’ full sets, including the talking, joking, and intros between each song.  Just click on the banner below and pick your edition:

The recordings themselves are a bit quiet, but are fine with headphones or external speakers.  They came out really well.  As a preview, here were some of the covers and songs everyone seemed to enjoy a lot that night from each of the performers:

 Josh & Lauren Schurr: Cry Me a River (Justin Timberlake)
 Paul Burkhart: Bad Romance (Lady GaGa)
Tim Barnes: Curs in the Weeds (Horse Feathers)
 Brown Bird, Blonde Bird: Hardwood Floors
 Chris Currie: Not Wasting Time
 Ally Leedy: Make Me A Pallet on the Floor (Gillian Welch)

The show went so well that we are trying to have somewhat regular house shows at our place.  The next one will be in September and we are currently looking for all kinds of performance art: music, dancing, poetry reading, short story reading, storytelling, dramatic monologues, and stand-up comedy are all art forms we are eager to showcase at The Birdhouse.  Just get in touch with me if you are interested.  More details to follow.

I mixed and edited the audio and set up the website and much thanks to Tim Barnes who designed the cover art for the album.

[**By the way, it is because of the presence in our living room of a ghastly painting of a birdhouse, and three birdhouses in our backyard that have been there since we moved in that we have decided to give our house venue the name The Birdhouse.]


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