“David Bazan: an Example for Christians After All?” – Patrol Magazine

bazanI’m having blogging withdrawal.  So sorry.  I’m still trying to find my rhythm with the new job.  I have several articles I’ve slowly been working on and others that I was working on, only to have the “moment” pass before they were done.  This is particularly true of some political articles I’ve been thinking through.  Just when I get an idea for a political article, the proper time passes before I’m actually able to get the thing written and published.  So once again, sorry.

But, I’m not slacking on my writing for Patrol Magazine.  Here’s the new article:

David Bazan: An Example for Christians After All?

As I said last week, I am the new Thursday blogger for the site.  My first article went up last week, and it was on Christopher Hitchens’ brother, Peter Hitchens.  This week’s article concerns a David Bazan show I went to early this week and some things this show taught me concerning my own spirituality.  So read and feel free to comment!


2 thoughts on ““David Bazan: an Example for Christians After All?” – Patrol Magazine

  1. That’s so weird…I saw a link to your article about Peter Hitchens earlier today. I don’t remember where, but I wanted to read it…which I couldn’t, since I was at work. lol


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