I’ve got a REAL real job.

Many of the long-time readers of this blog have been able to follow the drama that was my post-seminary job situation (I had a job, then I didn’t, then I sort of did). But, as most of my Facebook friends now know, as of Wednesday I finally was able to move into the full-time spot at my work that I was originally hired for about 9 months ago. Hindrances both internal to the company and external led to me only having the part-time evening weekend position at the company. Until now. Now I am officially a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counselor.

The position is at this amazing company called Project Transition. It is a community-based recovery program for people with moderate to severe mental health and substance abuse issues.

The program itself takes place in an apartment complex. When a client gets admitted, they are placed in an apartment with two other members of the program. I am assigned about 5 or 6 of these “members” and I basically get involved in every part of their life, trying to help them in their recovery towards being reintegrated into society. We have a team of psychologists, psychiatrists, wellness specialists, and addictions counselors that they meet with regularly. They have groups they attend each week. I am the one that coordinates all of this for them, establishing treatment plans, seeing their implementation, and having weekly counseling sessions with each of my members. I am the point person for their doctors, parole officers, investigators, case managers, lawyers, insurance reps, and the like. I also get to lead one of those groups they have to attend. The group I’ve been assigned to lead is the weekly Men’s Group. Exciting, to say the least.

I firmly believe that everyone is broken; we all just where I brokenness differently. And in this job I get to have the privilege as one of those broken people to dive deeply into the lives of hurting to people to try and bring hope, healing, and some sort redemption to them. I couldn’t ask for more.

So, I just wanted to give this little update. I got the “You’re hired!” call at 8:37 on Wednesday morning. They then asked when I could start. I was in there that same day at 10am. That may help explain my drop in blogging. I still have big ideas and articles on the works for this blog, and have every intention of still blogging.

Please pray for me. I’ve already been helping in the admission of the first member of my case-load and I can already sense my desensitization to her story. I don’t want to be that guy. Please pray that I would be strong and effective in this position and that I wouldn’t limit myself in how far I would go in seeking wholeness for the people in my care. Pray that the necessary administrative things go smoothly. It’s way too easy for me to lose track of things like training, benefits, and various other requirements in the midst of trying to focus on my case load. Pray I go to bed early. Pray I budget my money well and give it away freely. Pray that I’m given wisdom on the timing of possibly moving into the city fairly soon. Pray I find time to blog, write, record, and dream. Pray that my Mac will start playing well in the all-Windows office.

Thanks for all of your words of encouragement in this time of waiting, praying and (lots of) blogging. So much has changed all at once in the past few weeks; some painful things and some wonderful things. But all of it together is as clear of a marker of a new chapter in my life as any other period. I pray I do this well.


5 thoughts on “I’ve got a REAL real job.

  1. This is really exciting, Paul! Great, great news. I’m glad you wrote this because your FB status update left me curious. I will certainly pray that the Lord will give you ample time to do the things you love outside of work, and that your newly-fulltime role will only inspire you to write, study, and contemplate more…


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