My Favorite Customer Service Experience: Jiffy Lube

I have a fear for marriage. I’m not “handy” at all. I don’t know electrical systems, plumbing, or tools. What’s worse is, I really don’t know cars. I open the hood and it’s just a mass of metal and wires. I really have no idea when it comes to the workings of cars.

Which is why I’m so happy to have Jiffy Lube in my life. I love that company. There’s never really been a time I’ve gone to one that it wasn’t an actually enjoyable experience. Which is weird. Are you supposed to enjoy an oil change? I don’t know. Here’s some of what’s so great:

  • They keep track of your manufacturer’s suggested maintenance time tables and your record of everything you’ve ever had done at Jiffy Lube.
  • These records stay consistent among every Jiffy Lube in the country, so no matter where I go, they have a complete history of maintenance on my car and can give informed suggestions.
  • If you could get the same work done elsewhere for cheaper, I’ve had several mechanics suggest where to go to get it done.
  • Every employee there always seems to be in a genuinely good mood, and they are always eager to share any knowledge they may have about your vehicle or maintenance in general.
  • They are really fast. Almost frustratingly so, because I can never seem to get as much reading done in the lobby as I was hoping.
  • They will check your “Check Engine” light for free (some dealerships charge $75!)
  • Their prices are really stinking good, and they seem to always have some sort of special going on.

And now onto the inevitable “bigger point” of all of this:

As we move further from a “service economy” into what B. Joseph Pine, II and Jim Gilmore (the economist, not the former Virginia Governor) calls an “experience economy“, the customer “experience” matters more and more. Technology and service are becoming ubiquitous and cheap enough that most any company can offer pretty much the same technologies, prices, and services as another. The difference, as we move forward as a society, will increasingly be made based on the experience of the customer–the smell of the coffee in the coffee shop, the music playing at the bar, the customer service of the phone company, and the smile on the face of the mechanic. These will all play crucial parts in the economics of the present and near future.

And Jiffy Lube has won me over. If I get even one person to get one oil change there, I will have done my job in this post. So go get one. There’s most likely a location very close to you. Thank you for reading. And thank you, Jiffy Lube (I wish I could give a Chuck-Norris-from-Dodgeball thumbs up right now).

Has anyone out there had a similar experience with a Jiffy Lube? Or maybe you’ve had a horrible experience with them? What’s your best/worst customer experience with a copmany?


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Customer Service Experience: Jiffy Lube

  1. Okay let’s see…..

    Worst customer experience is very very very easy. Adobe software has, by far (and I really mean “by far” like no one else even comes close to the horribleness of their customer service), the worst customer service I’ve ever been forced to endure. Maybe if you’ve got an easy question that can be answered by the “crowd” (random ppl in their forums that are just as lost as you) then you might be okay. But God forbid you ever need to speak to an actual Adobe rep because you will never, and I really mean “never”, get to a real person through their customer service lines. It is the worst experience with customer service I’ve ever had, even to the point of making the iPhone and iPad’s refusal of Flash understandable.

    Best customer experience….the first one that comes to mind is Advance Auto Parts. I also know nothing about cars. But when one of my headlights was out I headed over there and they taught me how to replace it myself. When my car battery died, they showed me how to install a new one myself. They taught me how to fish, man. Taught me how to fish.

    Okay, back to my beers.


  2. I’m so excited to hear about your experience at Jiffy Lube. As a Jiffy Lube representative, I would enjoy to hear more about your pleasant experience. Please, at your convienence contact me at 1-800-344-6933. My name is Jeff and I look forward to speaking to you! I love the “Dodgeball” reference!




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