Mark Nicks of Cool Hand Luke

Anyone that knows me well knows that my favorite band is Cool Hand Luke.  They have had this title since about my sophomore year of high school and it seems that their musical stylings have matured along with my musical tastes, leading me to love them all the more through the years.  Anyway, I saw them play a show in Newport News last night and it was absolutely incredible.  Mark Nicks, the lead singer/songwriter of the band stopped before the last song to talk for a bit and ended up preaching this seventeen minute-long sermonette that touches on everything from politics to current church trends.  Usually, bands talking for a while can get annoying, but this was awesome.  He’s so humble in what he says and so right at the same time.  So, I decided to post this up for everyone else to hear as well.

Click here for Mark’s “Sermon”



2 thoughts on “Mark Nicks of Cool Hand Luke

  1. Hey Paul!
    Thanks for posting this. I am married to Mark. My sister found this page somehow and sent it to me.

    Mark is sitting at the kitchen table right now drinking coffee. He says hi. He is thinking about Westminster for seminary. By the way, Cool Hand Luke has been my favorite band since high school too! We can start a club.

    Thanks for affirming Mark’s speaking. It means a lot. I can tell him how amazing he is, but I’m his wife and that’s what I’m supposed to do! So it’s good to have others like you support him as well.

    Grace + Peace!


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