Peace, Peace

The hard followed by
The soft . . .
Then the long . . .
The pleasant crescendo of the hard.
Ending on the candle going out (“ps”)
Coming full circle once more.

“Perhaps” is the most beautiful word in the world.

Possibility, room to grow.
Ambiguity, all we know,
For now we look as in a tarnished mirror
But then we will know fully.
Until then, what can be achieved?

“Perhaps” is the most beautiful word in the world.

Depraved, Deprived, De-prosed
The human condition not fallen
Rather plunged to abyss.
Redemption our only chance,
But who can save oneself from drowning?
Can salvation come when it’s against one’s nature?

“Perhaps” is the most beautiful word in the world.

Now sanctified, glorified, satisfied, beside you,
Inside your glory.
Wide-eyed to the sin inside I’ve died to
in your name.
Then one lost is now one found
Wanting to worship, praise, adore, please, obey, trust, honor, love, sacrifice, just be
for the mere fact of who He is. Nothing more. Nothing else needed.

From the state I was can I please an infinite being?
Be made into His likeness?
Be molded to his purpose?
Commune with him forever?
Let him become my satisfaction above all,
pleasure beyond pleasures,
joy of joys?
Can His joy really be made my strength?

“Perhaps” is indeed the most beautiful word in the world.



2 thoughts on “Peace, Peace

  1. God has given you such an amazing gift of writing and sharing with others all the things He is doing in your life and in your heart. My soul stirs up when I read all the amazing things you’re doing to not only make yourself a better man but a better man in Christ.


  2. I have a guy friend that is a Christian who’s trying to date a Christian girl he recently met. I guess now he’s in the phase of trying to “win her over.” As I talked to him tonight he was saying to me how it’s a game just like a chess game and he waits till she makes a move and vice versa. I almost felt kind of offended in a way that he feels like relationships are in sorts a game. You have some great things to say relationships so I was just wondering what you think of this or know of anything maybe from a guys perpective that I can bring to him(from what little information I gave to you about the situation). Thanks!


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